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*Note to myself:
Hello, Veronica. As you can see, you’ve wasted half of your summer with your summer class (2 weeks), watching movies, starting TV series and sleeping in! You don’t really have much time left! It’s a whole new month in a few days! You’re going to be really busy with packing up your things and with the whole moving situation that you might neglect these tasks (as you already have πŸ˜’). You told yourself you would do these things and had that tinge of motivation, started a bit, and then ended abruptly.
So I hope, since you blog quite often, that it would be a really idea to post this publicly to remind you of the things you need to accomplish. Please, please, please do these! You will thank yourself later on and you won’t have a mid crisis and have a horrible realization of how little time you have left, like you just did right now. ⌚️⏰😟

Things to do: πŸ“‹β°

1) catch up to your training/courses and learn all 68 lessons by the first week of September! (Plus the extra lessons!) πŸ“–βœˆοΈ

You’re going to be teaching this year and you’re expected to have known these things already! Also, you’re going to have to know these to get by and be a proper role model to the levels under you!

2) Improve your french! πŸ’¬πŸ“šπŸŽ¬πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

practice speaking in french with your siblings and improve on talking in the proper tenses! Read more french novels and watch more french movies! You’re going to need it, especially with your new school (intimidating, remember.. Nooooo…)

3) Sleep earlier! πŸ’€

Sleep, sleep, sleep! I cannot stress this enough! Sure it’s summer but I mean come, on! You want clearer skin, remember? And staying up late, (like what you’re doing right now) most likely blogging and surfing the ‘net, isn’t going to do you justice! Also, you wanted to create better habits, right? Old habits die hard.. If you want them too (ref from your other post), so kill this one! πŸ”ͺ😡

4) Eat healthier! 🚫🍫

I know you’ve been pushing mom and dad (mostly dad tbh) to buy healthier foods and all but you’ve been eating frozen foods a lot lately, especially late, late at night! (Another reason why you should sleep earlier, jfc) andddd you’ve been eating everything in sight! You’ve gotta control yourself too!

5) Work out! πŸ’ͺπŸšΌπŸ‘£πŸ‘―

You’ve been neglecting this the most! You have done your workouts before but stopped abruptly due to school, illnesses, etc which was completely understandable! But for the past week, you’ve had a lot of time in your hands and you have spent it doing really unproductive things. Please start doing your workouts again! Continue doing challenges! You’ve already missed your goal day and you’re waaaay behind! Remember your goals and your reasons why you started before! Keep doing this! PS: it’s good for your skin!

6) Save up! πŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸ’²

Hello?! Remember that whole wardrobe thing you had planned in your head? You said you wanted to save up to buy basic pieces for your wardrobe because your wardrobe is hardly a wardrobe (you know what I mean)! You wanted the essentials to start off the new year as the new kid and to actually have better outfits and go to outfits! Start Savin’ and stop giving in to others needs! You have your needs too and it’s always great to think about yourself too!
Also, remember! You want to save up for room things as you are designing your own room and want it to look fab!

7) change that attitude.

I know a lot of things are going on and I know you’ve been through a lot of things that have made you feel and act the way you do but you’re being a downer and your attitude hasn’t been pleasant, okay? Just change the way you are towards certain people because negativity sucks and it spreads and it affects the other persons mood and day.. And frankly, you’ve been spreading that negativity.. A lot. Just.. I know its hard to let things out because you’ve bottled everything up so well. The caps on tight and it’s hard to unscrew and open the bottle.
Talking to someone in person isn’t an ideal option for you, I know. Maybe talking to someone on here can be a bit easier, I don’t know. Maybe you can go back to writing poems instead of entries (bc that never worked) or just posting text posts on here too. I know its hard but it’s affecting everyone around you and the way they perceive you. It’s going to be difficult because you can’t snap your fingers and just change instantly. Also, you can’t just not be stressed and depressed so fast. Just go step by step.. Tiny steps..

8) Wake Up Earlier! πŸ’€β˜€οΈβ°

Is there more to say? I’m not asking you to wake up at 5:30 am or anything, just wake up earlier. Ideally, it works out when you sleep earlier (which is one of your other goals)! Also, it gives you more time to get your other goals done and to do other things! And I mean, who doesn’t love more time?! βŒšοΈπŸ’•

9) Learn how to cook! πŸ³πŸ΄πŸ›

Cooking is an essential that you should know! It could really benefit you! You can make your own meals and be more independent! Also, you can cook meals for your family and give them a break! Plus, you can cook healthier meals for yourself and you can avoid all the junk food! :)

10) Be more productive! πŸ‘£πŸ”§πŸ’ͺ🎣

Get your lazy ass off your bed and do something, do things! Do your chores and change your lazy habits! Limit your internet time, spend less time blogging on tumblr; Go. Outside. For. Fuck. Sakes.
Clean the house, stop complaining! Doing more things and spending less time online will also benefit you and make you really independent and helpful! It only takes some of your time to do your chores and if you, scratch that, WHEN you sleep earlier and wake up earlier, it won’t be a problem as you’ll have more time, RIGHT?! Right. Don’t want to called lazy? Want to stop being called lazy? THEN DONT BE LAZY. JUST DO IT. Even if you hate it, just do it! Even if you suck at it, just do it! Okay? Okay.

Jeez, I just totally confronted myself and gave myself the hardest bitch slap ever. I guess you can say, I hit myself with realization. Okay, I will start doing these and I will start attaining my goals! For sure, I swear by it!

To anyone reading this: I recommend you doing the same! It’s crazy how much things you have in mind and how much you have to say to yourself, or, in this case, write to yourself. Well I should sleep now, it’s reeeeeal late and not really a good start to attaining my goals. Bye!


Veronicasstyle πŸ˜πŸ˜΄πŸ’•

PS (to myself): don’t forget to print screen thing tomorrow! xx

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